Plus Size Lingerie For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day and lingerie are always linked, and for such a romantic day everyone wants to look their best. It's the day of the year for sexiness and seduction, and we even have a section dedicated to lingerie for Valentine's Day.

However, if you've not bought plus size lingerie before, whether it's for yourself or your lover, then you may be wondering what's the best thing to buy. Our guide to Plus Size Lingerie is a good start of course, but for Valentine's Day we thought we'd write some additional guidance.

Valentine Day Lingerie As A Gift

Lingerie is a traditional Valentine Day gift, but men often go wrong when buying lingerie, as they have a tendency to buy for themselves, rather than the woman who'll be wearing it. The trick to successful lingerie purchasing, especially in plus sizes, is to think about what she's likely to actually wear.

It's all well and good buying a pair of crotchless knickers, but if you know she doesn't like that sort of thing, then presenting some as a gift isn't going to make it more likely that she'll wear them, just that your Valentine's Day might backfire.

Instead, if your lady is demure, opt for something more subtle like a plus size babydoll. There's a mid ground too, in the plus size bodystockings, because these are incredibly sexy and unusual, but we sell hundreds of them in plus sizes because they are supporting, so do wonders for body shaping, and therefore confidence.

Valentine Day Lingerie For Yourself

Of course, if you're buying the lingerie for yourself to wear on Valentine's Day as a surprise, then you are freed up to buy anything you want. We'd still recommend that you look for an item of underwear that you know you'll feel comfortable wearing, because that way the lingerie will get used more than just on Valentine's Day.

Our brief introduction to buying sexy plus size lingerie is helpful, but we can also tell you that some of the most popular lingerie items for Valentine's Day are plus size corsets and the lace micro dresses, as well as the leopard print outsize lingerie which has become incredibly popular.

In each of these categories, you'll find designs that range from the elegant and relatively modest through to the saucy and risque lingerie, so however daring you're feeling, there's something to match.

If you're on a budget then consider something from the plus size hosiery, as there are plenty of sexy stockings and all-in-ones for under ten pounds.

The great thing about buying lingerie as a surprise to wear is that you almost can't lose. We've yet to hear a story of a man who was disappointed that his partner had put on some sexy lingerie, so go with what you want, and you're likely to get a positive reaction!

Most of all, have fun on Valentine's Day. It's supposed to be a day for reminding each other how much you care, and sexy lingerie is a great way to ensure the day ends with a memorable evening.