About Us

Until quite recently plus size women in the UK were really poorly served for attractive lingerie. There used to be next to no selection in high street stores - women above size 18 were apparently not in need of underwear - and some fairly tepid stuff in the likes of supermarkets. So, in 2006, we set up Bigsmalls and we went about sourcing the best selection of sexy plus size lingerie we could find. We discovered that very little, great quality, attractive lingerie was made in the UK for the bigger sizes, which is why so little was available. Instead, we had to find distributors of US lingerie manufacturers like Intimate Attitudes and buy direct from them, so we knew we had great quality and genuine label lingerie. Other sites were doing similar things, but they were delivering to the UK from the US, which meant you weren't buying from a UK company and had none of the ease of use, and confidence issues, plus long waits (sometimes over a month), problems with returns and currency issues. Bigsmalls changed all of this, with us bringing in all the popular items into stock and halving delivery times on special order items to 2 weeks.

Over time we expanded and we have over 500 (it's actually over 600 now) different lines of plus size lingerie, often in different colours, and we now have an incredible mix of in-stock items and special delivery items, sourced from genuine UK distributors and in some cases imported directly by ourselves, which we believe has resulted in Bigsmalls being the UK's best plus size lingerie retailer, with the most outstanding choice. As an introduction to what lingerie we have in our plus size range, we've put together this guide - we hope you enjoy shopping with us.

We're confident that the site should offer you all the information you need to make your purchase - we've even written a series of articles introducing the types and styles of plus size lingerie to help, as well as painstakingly writing up as many descriptions as we can for you on items, but if you do want to get in touch with us, contact us and we'll be happy to help. We aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours, often faster.