Introduction to Plus Size Corsets

The corset has always been a popular item of lingerie with plus size women, because it's whole purpose is to accentuate the bust and pull in the waist, making the most of a fuller figure. We have a huge array of plus size corsets, with around 70 different types, many of which are reversible, so the actual choice is immense.

History of the Corset

The corset has been wrongly attributed to Catherine de' Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, because she enforced a ban on "thick waists". In truth the corset evolved from the stays of the 16th century and for many years it was the only means of support for women. By its very nature, it has always been the choice of lingerie for those of all shapes and sizes, especially in outsizes, in order to pull the waist in and push the bust up and together.

What is a corset?

It sounds like a simple question, but the answer to what a corset is, plus size or otherwise, is a little more complicated. A corset is a bodypiece that covers the torso, pulls in the waist and pushes the bust together. It normally laces up the back, though a hook and eye close is sometimes used, and corsets are not underwired. This may seem to fly in the face of the idea of a corset offering support to the bust, but by avoiding underwiring, the bust can be pushed together and up more effectively. Why is any of this confusing? Because there are corsets that are underwired and ones that fasten at the front, but technically these are actually basques. The terms have become mixed up by plus size lingerie manufacturers over the years to the extent that even Bigsmalls does not fully distinguish between the two.

How to wear a corset

Corsets may have originated as lingerie, but both plus size and regular women have opted, especially recently to choose to wear some of the plainer corsets as outerwear or clubwear. We sell both types of corset, suitable for part of outfit, or those designed as pure titillating lingerie, so the choice is yours. When selecting a corset though, as well as deciding upon when you are likely to wear it, consider whether you want one which reverses so that you have two different looks, and whether you want to be able to wear stockings with the corset. Some have detachable garters so they can be worn both with and without, but the description will guide you.