Introduction to Plus Size Babydolls

The term babydoll is a lingerie word from the US for a sexy nightie, not surprising really as the term nightie is hardly erotic. Babydolls tend to be fairly short, and sometimes come with a separate g-string or thong. While they are often described as nightwear, they are often simply bedroom lingerie items, although some babydolls can genuinely be worn through the night as sexy negligees.

Styles of babydolls

Some of the designs of babydoll are laughably impractical, which is not meant as a criticism. The split front babydolls, for example, are very sexy and tactile, but just not a realistic thing to wear to sleep in. Others are made from mesh or even have open busts - what we are saying here is that babydolls are provocative, sexy lingerie, and you should look at them as such, rather than as a standard nightgown! For the plus size woman, a babydoll is a fairly easy piece of lingerie to wear, and flattering, so they are a good choice, and if you do genuinely want one you can sleep in, we do have several, but you'll have more fun if you approach babydolls as an aid to seduction.

Finish off with a robe

With some of the more revealing outsize babydolls, many women choose to also buy a plus size gown/robe, because it allows layering and the ability to tease, rather than being too transparent from the outset. The problem with everyday dressing gowns is that they rather spoil the mood, so one of our sexy robes is a perfect match for a babydoll.

Likewise, if they babydoll you like doesn't come with a g-string, you can search our selection of plus size knickers to find a sexy accompaniment.