Your First Plus Size Lingerie Shopping Trip

It's quite common for new visitors to BigSmalls to be women who have over the years, for one reason or another, stopped buying sexy lingerie, and assumed that underwear for larger ladies couldn't be erotic. To the discover that there is not only a great selection of lingerie in sizes 18-36, but that it's stylish and provocative can leave some people uncertain where to start, though our introduction to plus size lingerie is also useful. 

What's the first piece of plus size lingerie to buy?

With over 600 different products to choose from, you're easily forgiven for feeling a little lost, especially if you've not done anything but buy your knickers from M&S for twenty years. But just by being here and reading this, you've taken the first steps to opening up a whole new world of lingerie to delight in, to flatter you and to excite your lover.

What you need to decide when buying lingerie for the first time is 1) how bold are you feeling and 2) what's your overall budget? BigSmalls has a huge variety of underwear, from some simple and everyday plus size tights, through to some rather, ahem, interesting leather items, and everything in-between.

If you really are just looking to put a toe in the water, and want something sexy but risk free, then a pair of the plus size suspender tights is the best way to start. They are sexy, you can't get them in extra large sizes anywhere on the high street, and they are cheap - we have pairs for under a fiver and a huge choice, including fishnet, different styles, etc, for under a tenner. Suspender tights are effectively all-in-ones; they combine stockings with an integrated (sometimes lace) garter and suspenders in one easy to wear garment. For some time these were only available in regular sizes, but BigSmalls has been able to source plus size versions from a variety of suppliers - we're fairly confident that this is the largest selection of sexy plus size tights in the UK.

If you're ready to take the plunge though, then a corset and stockings are a great investment for plus sizes, because of course the corset has been around for years as a way of reducing the waist, flattering the figure and showing off the bust. They are a little more expensive than other types of lingerie, but if you choose carefully then they are worth every penny, as you can get one that is reversible, so two styles in one, and with detachable garters so you can wear it with or without stockings as lingerie or as a top.