Styles of Plus Size Lingerie

We're here to put paid, once and for all, to the idea that plus size underwear is boring granny pants type stuff. Once that was true, but BigSmalls changed that when it started bringing real plus size lingerie to the UK back in 2006. Since then we've grown to being one of the UK's most trusted retailers for plus size women. If you're unsure what plus size lingerie is, read our brief guide to plus size lingerie, and then continue with our overview of the styles and types of outsize lingerie now on offer:

Plus Size Corsets

Corsets have been around for longer than any of us, but as other styles of lingerie arrived, like bras, they fell out of fashion. A corset is a single item of lingerie that covers the torso and bust and laces at the back or side to shape the body. In recent years, contemporary takes on corsets have seen them make a comeback, and there have proved to be some extremely popular corsets for plus size ladies, with their boning and figure shaping materials helping make the most of the fuller figure. You can read more about what a corset is in our guide. We currently have around 70 different plus size corsets on offer. They combine with plus size stockings well, and there are several styles that are available in the 26-36 range.

Plus Size Knickers

We so much prefer the UK term "knickers" to the American "panties", but the truth is that there are in fact lots of different styles of knickers. We have some of the sexiest outsize knickers, including thongs and G-strings as you'd expect, but there are also some really attractive designs of boy shorts and "roxy" shorts, which are essentially the same thing. To make them even raunchier, we tend to only stock the crotchless knickers, which are much harder to find in plus sizes normally.

Plus Size Bodystockings

We always refer to body stockings as the best kept secret in British bedrooms, though quite how we keep them so quiet, we don't know, because they are, after hosiery (stockings and tights), the most popular single lingerie style that we sell. It's simple really, they are relatively inexpensive as they are mostly under £20, and they are designed for one purpose alone, to spice up your sex life. When it comes to lingerie, that's pretty much the point, so it's unsurprising how popular bodystockings are. They allow you to shape your body and boost your confidence, and they come in so may different designs (we have 30) that you can easily buy another when you want something new, without breaking the bank.

Plus Size Lingerie Dresses

Also called micro dresses, or sometimes the more familiar mini-dresses, these plus size lingerie dresses are not for outdoor wear really (though the models would have you believe differently, judging by the photographs). They are an excellent alternative to the bodystocking or a babydoll (see below), and most women choose to put one on for a romantic evening at home to surprise their husband, or wear them when appearing in the bedroom as an exotic surprise. They are skimpy dresses made from either opaque material sometimes with panels cut out, or from the same material as hosiery, such as fishnet.

Plus Size BabyDolls

Another form of nightwear, the babydoll is a nightgown, but cut very short and normally very revealing. It's the perfect piece of lingerie for a honeymoon or for those looking to reignite their love life. They are easy to wear, especially in plus sizes as they aren't constrictive and can be adjusted to the larger bust, but they are incredibly sexy and unlike any nighties you might see normally. Sometimes people combine them with one of the crotchless plus size knickers (see above) if they want to avoid "giving the game away" so to speak.

Plus Size Gowns

There's nothing quite as good as a mood killer than to have to put a towel dressing gown over your new plus size lingerie - they combine really badly with bodystockings or corsets! The solution is to buy a plus size gown instead. These are sexy dressing gowns designed for larger ladies, so for example, they often include well positioned ties to hold them closed. They are great for finishing off the new lingerie look, but of course can also be worn with normal nightwear, for when you might not be putting on a special occasion, but still would like to look slightly more attractive than can be managed in snugglewear.

As well as this introduction to the styles of plus size lingerie, we have more detailed guides, including explanations and histories even on the more popular types, but you'll also find on BigSmalls that each category has its own description, so if you are unsure what a type of underwear is, you'll find an explanation there.