Plus Size Silicone Top Fence Net Hold Ups
Plus Size Silicone Top Fencenet Hold Ups, with a striking pattern design.

Plus Size Silicone Top Fence Net Hold Ups

Product ID:Music Legs 4542Q
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These are some of the sexiest plus size hold ups we've seen, made with what's known as multi-fence net, which is to say that they are the wide fencenet, but with four threads in each section. They are very different from other stockings, striking. We love them, and we've got these ones in both black and purple, for those looking for something very different. You might also like to check out the black versions we have with a lace band - both versions have a silicone strip in the band to ensure that thesehold ups stay up. Exceptional quality, expceptional design, exceptional price - the BigSmalls way!