Plus Size Lace Garter Dress With Stretch Lace Trim Straps
Plus Size Lace garter dress with stretch lace trim straps

Plus Size Lace Garter Dress With Stretch Lace Trim Straps

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Actually one of the more modest (from the front) plus size lingerie dresses, this is sheer sided dress with an lace patterned front. Wide lace shoulder straps and attached ace garters to the sheer stockings make for a supportive plus size lingerie dress that looks attractive.

This dress packs a visual punch though, because turn around and the back is a full ribbon lace up back. So, it offers the full frontal coverage that flatters and inspires confidence in women - which is what all good lingerie should do after all, you should put it on and feel sexy as hell! But then give them a glance of your back and see the expression on their face, because its revealing nature is a natural turn-on.

There's fun to be had wearing this dress and having it taken off you, and it's not surprising then that this is a popular lingerie dress for us. We love it, you love. Click buy it!

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