Lace Top Sheer Hold Up Stockings - Silicone Topped (White)
Tuscany sheer Hold Ups with lace top

Lace Top Sheer Hold Up Stockings - Silicone Topped (White)

Product ID:Dreamgirl 0005X (White)
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These plus size sheer hold up stockings feature a wider lace top than other stockings, with the lace extending high above the silicone hold up band, itself discretely hidden under the sheer. These Tuscan style sheer Hold Ups use the extra lace give the stocking an extra sexy look. Not only are these designed for larger women, they come in black as you'd expect, as well as white and nude ? you've not lived until you've surprised the loved one in your life with white stockings on! The last difference between these sheer stockings and other is the lack of a back seem, so if you're looking for a seamless large sheer stocking that stays up by itself, this is the one for you. The only question is which colour to go for! The thong pictured is not included, but one is highly recommended to finish off the look!

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